The Basic Guide For Using Pinterest To Showcase Your Textile Art


Textile artist are constantly on the lookout for platforms to showcase their work. What could be a better platform than Pinterest. Over a period of time Pinterest has turned out to be more advantageous than Facebook and Twitter in reach to the target clients and generating traffic to your blog or website. A visual artist should definitely has an account on Pinterest to showcase their artwork and work towards building a loyal team of fans. The images shared on Pinterest has the potential to reach to a wide group of audience. Learn how to make the most out of Pinterest by following simple techniques.

Take a beautiful photograph of your image and post it on Pinterest, people who see it will share it across the social media sites sending traffic to your blog. Statistics shows that 71% of purchases are made based on the recommendations of friends on social media and Pinterest has proven record that it can work wonders. Apart from displaying your work, it is important to engage the user to make them understand the human level. Let the people know what type of a person is behind the artwork. It can help engage and share views better. Moreover, artists can get inspiration from Pinterest, where the works of other artists are also displayed.

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