Guiding Tips On Submitting Your Art To Galleries


Budding textile artists are always looking for guidance from experienced artists to understand about submitting their art to galleries and make a name in the industry. Here are some guidelines that can help you achieve your goal from experts in the field. While submitting art to galleries, it is important to make a proper presentation. Do not blindly submit the art, read the terms and conditions carefully. Prepare a checklist and ensure all the criteria are fulfilled before sending the application. The images attached have to be clear and precisely exhibiting the work of art. All the details have to be showcased perfectly giving focus on to the techniques used.

Images are sent electronically with the exact label as requested. Follow the criteria strictly. You can use your surname if there are no instructions provided on labeling the art. The generic file code does not serve any purpose and is of no relevance to the curator as it does not help in identifying your work. Large files can be sent provided the receiver uses Wiltransfer, Dropbox, etc. Check in advance before sending the files to them. You can also add a printed image mentioning the price, if requested.

In your CV, focus on the presentation and showcase only relevant items. The piece has to be up to date. The proposal sent has to be checked for spelling and grammar. It is important to proofread the proposal before sending it. Do not depend on software. Send the proposal in advance and do not wait till the last date. Applications filled up in a hurry will not make it to the final lot because of the discrepancies and negligence. Therefore, take all the care to understand the prerequisites and come to a conclusion on how to present your case to the art gallery. Do not leave any stone unturned to showcase the best of your work and do not be disappointed if the worse is pointed out.