Making A Quilting Frame Pattern Properly


There are many resources out there available to those of you who are looking to quilt at home. If you are looking to make designs that are unique and original you need to learn how to build your own quilting frame pattern. Designing and constructing your own quilting frame pattern is not nearly as difficult as it sounds and with some simple materials you can make either wood or PVC quilting frames.

How To Build Your Own Quilting Frame Pattern

Quilting frames

You first off need a solid base to build your pattern from. My frame of choice is the kit from Herrschners. This quilting frame pattern kit includes all the hardware components to build your own three rail no baste quilting frame. The package includes complete step by step instructions as well as true size patterns. The three dimensional drawings make it easy to visualize and see how to put the frame together. It also includes three high precision cog wheels for total tension control. Tension control is one of the most important parts of quilting and without it your projects can be incredibly difficult to complete properly.

This frame also will fold down easily for storage. Take the top and flip it back, and roll the quilt inside and you can store the whole thing together. By being able to store it like this and work at your own pace you can ensure the quality of your work. This product has made designing and making my own quilt patterns a peeze.

One thing that designing my own quilting patterns did for me was let me become much more creative with my quilts. This has allowed me to create designs and quilts that are completely one hundred percent unique for the person I am giving them too. I considered selling these quilts, but ultimately decided it would be best to keep them for gifts to my friends and family. The unique designs were just too personal for me and it was really hard to give them up.

What I learned in this whole process was that using quilting frame patterns that you make on your own really makes your quilts something special. By using other designs I found them to not be nearly as personal for myself or the people I was giving them to. Ultimately it is your decision what you want to do with your quilts, but at the very least you should try making your own quilting frame patterns.

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